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Expert General Contractor Services in Washoe County

Swanson Built stands out as a general contractor serving the Washoe County area. We are known for our superb workmanship and dedication to customer satisfaction. With two decades of experience in the field, founder Dean Swanson has assembled a team of professionals committed to enhancing homes through top-notch renovations and expansions. From the free consultation meeting to the project finalization, Swanson Built ensures a pleasant renovation journey which has made us the preferred option for homeowners in Washoe County.

At Swanson Built every project is handled with importance. Whether you wish to revamp your home layout, embark on a kitchen renovation, add a new living space, or a workspace, our team brings many years of expertise and meticulous attention to detail to each task. We emphasize communication updates on progress and strict adherence to timelines that guarantee that your vision is realized with precision and care. Through the use of premium materials and upholding standards of craftsmanship Swanson Built promises enduring quality, in all our projects.

Swanson Built: Home Remodeling Services

At Swanson Built, your dreams are our blueprints. Our professional home remodeling services allow you to completely customize your home.

Home Renovations
& Additions

Breathing new life into existing spaces and expanding your horizons, quite literally.


The heart of your home deserves special attention; make every meal a celebration.


Functionality with luxury, making your daily routines feel more like spa retreats.

Kitchen Remodeling in Washoe County. Marable Island in Kitchen

Premier Kitchen Remodeling General Contractor in Washoe County

Renovating your kitchen can truly improve the heart of your home and Swanson Built is the go-to expert for kitchen renovations in Washoe County. Renowned for our craftsmanship and innovative designs Swanson Built turns kitchens into stunning practical spaces tailored to fit your lifestyle. Whether you envision an open-concept kitchen or a cozy classic layout, our team carefully executes each project with precision. From custom-made cabinets and cutting-edge appliances to stylish countertops and clever storage solutions, Swanson Built ensures that every aspect of your kitchen meets the highest standards.

Swanson Built takes a simple approach to kitchen renovations starting with a free consultation to grasp your requirements and preferences. Our skilled general contractors then work together to develop a plan that maximizes both appeal and usability. Throughout the renovation journey Swanson Built maintains communication offering progress updates while adhering to schedules and budgets. This commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction guarantees a renovation process that results in a gorgeous kitchen that enhances your daily life while adding significant value to your home. In Washoe County Swanson Built is synonymous with premium kitchen makeovers that harmoniously blend elegance, functionality, and enduring quality.

Dual Sinks with Three Mirrors in Luxury Bathroom Remodel in Washoe County

Luxurious Bathroom Remodeling in Washoe County by Swanson Built

Turning your bathroom into an oasis can be an investment and Swanson Built stands out as the top choice for bathroom renovations in Washoe County. With a focus on design and a commitment to excellence, our team excels in crafting bathrooms that combine practicality with luxury. Whether you prefer a sleek timeless and sophisticated style, Swanson Built customizes each project to reflect your individual preferences and lifestyle. From premium fixtures and custom cabinetry to lavish walk-in showers and spa-like tubs, we use quality materials to ensure durability over time.

Swanson Built takes a customer-centric approach to bathroom remodeling. We kick off with an in-depth consultation to grasp your vision and tastes, followed by detailed planning to ensure every aspect of the renovation aligns with your desires. Throughout the process, our team maintains communication offering updates and effectively managing timelines. This commitment to transparency and accuracy leads to a remodeling experience resulting in a designed bathroom that not only enhances your home’s value but also provides you with a peaceful sanctuary for daily relaxation. With Swanson Built achieving your dream bathroom is only a consultation away.

The Swanson Built Experience

When you choose to work with Swanson Built, no shortcuts are ever taken, and no dreams are ever compromised.

Quality That You Can Touch

We never cut corners; we craft them into perfection. Each Swanson Built project is a masterpiece of craftsmanship while using only the finest quality materials.

Excellent Customer Service

Swanson Built quickly responds to all your questions and concerns. With our step-by-step communication, we make your home remodeling project exciting instead of hectic.

Swanson Built: 1-Year Guarantee

We proudly stand by our work and guarantee it. Should you have any problems within the first 365 days, Swanson Built will return and fix the issue for free.

Home Addition in Washoe County Wood Floor with Stiars

Expand Your Horizons: Custom Home Additions in Washoe County

Expanding your living space through a custom home addition can greatly enhance both the functionality and value of your property. In Washoe County Swanson Built specializes in creating and building home additions that seamlessly integrate with your structure while catering to your requirements. Whether you’re thinking about adding a bedroom, a home office, or a sunroom our skilled team ensures that every aspect is meticulously crafted using high-quality materials and innovative construction methods. With Swanson Built’s dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction, we are the choice for homeowners seeking to expand their homes in the Reno-Tahoe area.

Home additions offer more than rooms; they present opportunities to enhance your lifestyle and boost your home’s resale value. Swanson Built is well-versed in Washoe County’s styles and regulations guaranteeing that your addition adheres to local building codes and complements the surrounding landscape. Our comprehensive approach involves planning, clear communication, and precise execution leading to a seamless and hassle-free construction experience. By selecting Swanson Built you’re not just investing in added footage to your home but also in the exceptional craftsmanship and enduring quality that define our projects.

Areas We Serve in Nevada

Swanson Built provides home remodeling services to these locations around the Reno and Tahoe areas.

Customer Shower Home Renovation in Washoe County by Swanson Built

Achieve Your Dream Home Renovation in Washoe County with Swanson Built

Turning your house into the home you’ve always wanted is now possible with Swanson Built, the home renovation specialist in Washoe County. Our skilled team focuses on designing custom spaces that perfectly match your vision and lifestyle. Whether you’re looking to update your kitchen, create a new bathroom, or rearrange your living areas Swanson Built brings expert craftsmanship and full attention to every project. We understand that your home reflects who you are, and our aim is to make it a place where you can truly flourish.

At Swanson Built we believe that the renovation journey should be just as enjoyable and stress-free as the end result. From the discussion to the inspection, we prioritize clear communication, openness, and careful planning to ensure that your project progresses smoothly and stays within budget. Our dedication to using top-notch materials and cutting-edge construction methods ensures a renovation that not only looks beautiful but also lasts for years to come. Ready to turn your dream into reality? Reach out to Swanson Built today for a consultation. Take the first step towards enhancing your Washoe County residence. Give us a call at (775) 298-2165 or schedule online using our website to arrange your free consultation and kickstart your renovation adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Swanson Built focuses on home renovation endeavors, such as revamping kitchens and bathrooms, creating custom home extensions, and executing home makeovers. Our team’s expertise guarantees top-notch craftsmanship tailored to meet your desires and requirements.

We provide consultation to dive into your project concepts, grasp your needs, and offer expert guidance. In this discussion, we will map out the project’s scope, schedule, and budget to ensure we are on the same page from the beginning.

Swanson Built stands out for our meticulous eye for detail and utilization of premium materials and dedication to ensuring customer contentment. With a wealth of experience spanning over two decades, our founder Dean Swanson, and his team deliver artistry and craftmanship while maintaining communication throughout every project.

We prioritize planning and consistent progress updates to keep projects on course. By sticking to time schedules and financial plans we minimize disruptions while facilitating a seamless renovation journey. Our open communication approach allows you to remain informed and assured throughout the process.

At Swanson Built we take pride in our use of top-notch materials and cutting-edge construction techniques. This commitment to standards guarantees that our renovations not only improve the aesthetics and practicality of your home but also deliver enduring strength and worth.

Swanson Built Offers Dream Home Remodeling in Washoe County

Transform Your Home in Washoe County: Your Dream Remodel Awaits

Are you dreaming of a home that truly reflects your style and fulfills all your needs? Swanson Built is here to make those dreams a reality through our expert home renovation services in Washoe County. Picture yourself living in a space where every aspect has been carefully planned and expertly executed to enhance your life. With Swanson Built you no longer have to just dream about it. We specialize in home renovations that breathe life into outdated or inefficient spaces transforming them into stunning, functional, and cozy havens. Whether you desire a kitchen, a bathroom, or expanded living areas our team of skilled professionals is committed to bringing your vision to fruition. Our unwavering focus on detail and dedication to excellence ensures that your renovation not only meets but surpasses your expectations.

Ready to embark on the journey toward your home? Swanson Built provides consultations to explore your project concepts, grasp your objectives, and offer expert advice on the solutions for your space. Our transparent approach and consistent communication guarantee a pleasurable remodeling process from beginning to end. Reach out to Swanson Built today to arrange for your free consultation and take the step toward realizing the home of your dreams.

Why Wait?

Your dream home is just a consultation away. Give your home the best with Swanson Built and never settle for anything less. Call (775) 298-2165 and make your home remodeling journey a Swanson Built experience.