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Your Trusted General Contractor in Glenbrook

Welcome to Swanson Built, your trusted general contractor serving Glenbrook, Nevada.

We understand the challenges that come with needing more space in your home for your growing lifestyle. At Swanson Built, our goal is to provide solutions tailored to your needs. We prioritize understanding your requirements. Whether you desire a practical kitchen, a bathroom for relaxation, or more living space for your family, we have the expertise to fulfill your vision.

Our team is committed to ensuring an enjoyable renovation experience that results in a home you’ll love for years to come. Let’s collaborate to transform your living space into one that perfectly suits your lifestyle.

Swanson Built: Home Remodeling Services

At Swanson Built, your dreams are our blueprints. Our professional home remodeling services allow you to completely customize your home.

Home Renovations
& Additions

Breathing new life into existing spaces and expanding your horizons, quite literally.


The heart of your home deserves special attention; make every meal a celebration.


Functionality with luxury, making your daily routines feel more like spa retreats.

Home Additions in Glenbrook by Swanson Built

Expand Your Home with Additions in Glenbrook

Thinking of extending your living space in Glenbrook? Look no further than Swanson Built. Whether you are looking to add one more bedroom, extend your living space, or set up a home office, we specialize in home extensions that fit in with your current layout. We aim to give you that extra space while adding comfort and charm to your house.

We at Swanson Built understand that extending your home is a big decision and guide you through each step in the process—from the initial designs to those final touches. We take time to understand your vision and ensure your new space reflects exactly that. Let’s work together to create the perfect addition for your Glenbrook home.

Swanson Built: Bathroom Remodel in Glenbrook

Modern Bathroom Remodels in Glenbrook

Thinking about a bathroom remodel in Glenbrook? Swanson Built is here to turn your ideas into a reality! Whether you’re aiming for a sleek modern look, a spa-like retreat, or a more functional layout, we have the expertise to make it happen. The Swanson Built team is dedicated to designing and building a bathroom that perfectly matches your vision and enhances your home.

At Swanson Built, we understand that a bathroom remodel can be a daunting task. That’s why we’re focused on making the process as smooth and stress-free as possible. From the initial consultation to the final installation, we work closely with you to ensure every detail is just right. With Swanson Built’s focus on quality and craftsmanship, you can be confident that your new bathroom in Glenbrook will be both beautiful and practical.

The Swanson Built Experience

When you choose to work with Swanson Built, no shortcuts are ever taken, and no dreams are ever compromised.

Quality That You Can Touch

We never cut corners; we craft them into perfection. Each Swanson Built project is a masterpiece of craftsmanship while using only the finest quality materials.

Excellent Customer Service

Swanson Built quickly responds to all your questions and concerns. With our step-by-step communication, we make your home remodeling project exciting instead of hectic.

Swanson Built: 1-Year Guarantee

We proudly stand by our work and guarantee it. Should you have any problems within the first 365 days, Swanson Built will return and fix the issue for free.

Swanson Built: Custom Kitchen Remodel in Glenbrook

Custom Kitchen Remodels in Glenbrook

At Swanson Built we understand that the kitchen is the heart of your home. As a contractor based in Glenbrook we are dedicated, to helping you craft a kitchen that is both visually appealing and practical. Whether you envision a custom design or a cozy traditional setting our team of experienced artisans and designers will collaborate closely with you to bring your vision to life. We utilize top notch materials and cutting edge techniques to ensure that your kitchen renovation aligns perfectly with your desires.

We take care of every aspect, from tailor made cabinets and countertops to flooring and lighting. Our aim is to streamline the remodeling journey for you making it hassle free and seamless. When you choose Swanson Built it’s not about acquiring a kitchen; it’s about enhancing your home with a space that enhances its worth and serves as an ideal place for cooking, dining and creating cherished memories with loved ones, in Glenbrook.

Areas We Serve in Nevada

Swanson Built provides home remodeling services to these locations around the Reno and Tahoe areas.

Quality Home Remodeling Services in Glenbrook

Quality Home Remodeling Services in Glenbrook

Transform your living space with the expertise of Swanson Built the local choice for general contracting services in Glenbrook. Our home renovation solutions are crafted to breathe life into your residence whether you desire to update a kitchen, fashion a luxurious bathroom sanctuary, or extend your living area with a fresh addition. Recognizing that renovating your home is an investment we are dedicated to ensuring a smooth and gratifying process. Our team collaborates closely with you to devise a plan that aligns with your requirements, style preferences, and financial considerations, guaranteeing that every aspect resonates with your vision.

Are you ready to revamp your home? Reach out to Swanson Built today for a consultation. Our professionals will explore your project concepts, guide you, and present you with a strategy to materialize your dream.

Expert Home Renovation in Glenbrook

Expert Home Renovation in Glenbrook

Enhance the ambiance of your home, with Swanson Built the choice for home remodeling in Glenbrook. Whether you want to spruce up a room or embark on a home transformation, the Swanson Built experienced team brings unmatched skill and innovation to every project. We specialize in turning areas into functional spaces that reflect your individual style and requirements. From updating your kitchen to expanding your living area we handle all aspects of home renovation with attention to detail.

At Swanson Built we believe that a successful home renovation begins with a vision and a thought-out plan. That’s why we provide a free consultation to discuss your ideas and offer expert advice. Our committed team will collaborate closely with you to ensure that your project progresses smoothly, stays on schedule, and remains within budget. Take the step, towards rejuvenating your home by contacting Swanson Built today. Let us assist you in creating a living space that not only looks appealing but also enhances your quality of life in Glenbrook.

Frequently Asked Questions

Swanson Built provides an array of general contracting services, such as home expansions, kitchen upgrades, bathroom renovations and overall home improvement solutions. We customize our services to cater to the requirements of each client.

The timeline for a home expansion project can vary based on the scale and intricacy of the job. Typically a home extension can last anywhere from weeks to a months. We present you with a schedule during the planning stage to ensure transparency throughout the process.

Our approach to bathroom renovations begins with a discussion to grasp your vision. Subsequently we create a design that aligns with your aesthetics and functionality. Throughout the renovation process our team maintains communication and meticulous attention to all details from demolition, to setup.

At Swanson Built we place emphasis on quality by utilizing premium materials and engaging craftsmen and designers. Our holistic strategy encompasses tailored cabinetry, countertops, flooring and lighting fixtures ensuring that every aspect of your kitchen upgrade meets top notch standards.

Absolutely Swanson Built takes on projects of any size. Whether you’re looking to make a change, to a room or completely transform your entire home our skilled team is ready to provide outstanding outcomes that improve the aesthetics and usability of your living space.

Why Wait?

Your dream home is just a consultation away. Give your home the best with Swanson Built and never settle for anything less. Call (775) 298-2165 and make your home remodeling journey a Swanson Built experience.